Hatzolah of Lakewood


A big thank you from all the members of Hatzolah to everyone who donated to The Auction II and made it a huge success. There were thousands of entries for each of our amazing prizes and an overwhelming amount of calls and orders last night during our livestream event. To accommodate all of our generous donors, we kept the phone lines and website open later to give all of you a chance to win.

The following people are the lucky winners of the amazing prizes from The Auction, but all of you who donated to help Hatzolah continue their lifesaving work are the true winners.


1. Experience Israel PAM, Eliyohu and Pnina
2. Dazzling Diamonds LEVY, Shloimy and Miriam
3. Stock Up FUCHS, Ephraim and Naomi
4. Backyard Fun POSEN
5. Set Your Table FRANKEL, Eli and Rochel
6. Wig SHENKER, Yosef and Hadassah
7. Visa Gift Card FRIEDMAN, NE
8. Shades of Relaxation MANDELBAUM, Avrohom and Michelle
9. Like Father Like Son EISENBERG, Aviva
10. Fire it Up MINKOFF, Avraham Simcha and Nechama
11. Ultimate Upsherin GOLDBERG, Fischel and Yocheved
12. Ultimate Bar Mitzvah MYERS, A.Y. and Elisheva
13. In Shape EIDLITZ, Yehoshua and Esther
14. Guest Suite LAPA, Moshe and Batsheva
15. Redecorate ROSENSTOCK, Yitzchok Aryeh and Leah
16. Shop 'till You Drop SPANIER, Shloime and Yocheved
17. Blue Diamond GORDON, Yossi and Baila
18. Best Dressed Kids SOFFER, Yehuda and Penina
19. Sary Wig SMITH, Yitzchok and Batsheva
20. Home Makeover LEVENBERG, Yehoshua and Chani
21. Up Up and Away KAPLOWITZ, Binyomin and Yevi
22. Every Man's Dream BODNER, Moshe
23. Vermont Vacation GOLDSTEIN, Chaim and Rachel
24. Charming Children ROSENBLETH, Dovid
25. New Baby SUBAR
26. Judaica! FRANKEL, Naftoli and Esty
27. Right on Target COHEN, Avrohom Abba and Leah
28. Dining Out ZELDES, Yaakov and Ahuva
29. Smell the Coffee SITORSKY, Leah
30. Cozy Living ROKOWSKY, Zalman
31. Behind the Scenes STEINBERG, Yanky and Bina
32. Bosch Mixer PLOTSKER, Moshe and Tehilla
33. Paint Night SCHEINBAUM, Zalman and Chani
34. Baby on the Go SUTTON, Albert and Shoshana
35. Waterdale Lucites DREW, Zalman Leib and Esti
36. Fully Loaded TIKOTKSY, Abraham
37. Look Better HADDAD, Shmuel and Tamar
38. Pamper Yourself MIZRACHI, Yitzchak Elchonon
39. Make Music TYBERG, Yoel and Malkie
40. Drum Roll MILLSTEIN, Nechama
41. Bitty Twins TALANSKY, Yehoshua and Chavie
42. Say Cheese ZUCKERMAN, David and Gila
43. Building Blocks WILLIG, Yosef and Rachel
44. American Girls Doll ROSENTHAL, Moshe
45. Doll House EIZIKOVITZ, Shmuel and Miriam
46. Ready Set Ride ABRAMSON, Eliyahu and Yehudit
47. IPad GREENSTEIN, Yosef and Bassi
48. Junior Photographer WILLNER, Benzion